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Storing Tools at MyPlace

Whether you own a hobby workshop or a business, if you are looking for more space for your tools, MyPlace offers the solution. Book a storage compartment now and enjoy free parking, short transport distances, flexible storage times, and excellent support from our team.

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In this article, we provide you with detailed information on where and how to best store your tools and how to prepare them for storage to keep them functional for a long time.

Where to Store Tools

The best place for storing tools is a cool, dry, and well-ventilated room. Avoid damp environments like basements, as moisture can cause rust. Storing tools in the garage is only a good idea, if you have enough space and the necessary equipment to store them neatly in toolboxes, tool carts, or on a tool wall. The storage units at MyPlace are kept at constant temperatures, and humidity is precisely controlled. These conditions make our compartments the perfect place to store tools that you don’t need as frequently or to serve as additional intermediate storage for your business.

For the transportation of heavy equipment or large quantities of goods, we are happy to assist you with our practical transportation service. For smaller items or smaller quantities of goods, our compact boxes are the idea solution.

What Tool Storage Systems Are There, And Which One Is Right for Your Needs?

There are various storage systems that can help you sort and store your tools. Toolboxes or tool carts are a popular option as they combine neat storage with maximum mobility. Pegboard systems or magnetic strips can help you to save space and keep an overview over your tools. Tool cabinets are especially helpful when it comes to keeping sharp and dangerous tools, such as circular saws or scissors, securely locked away. We have compiled a quick overview of the main advantages of each storage option for you:

Storage option Advantages Use
  • mobile
  • neat
  • compact
For basics like hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.
Tool Cart
  • Easy transport
  • Lots of storage space
  • Includes a work surface
For larger quantities of tools that need to be transported
Peg Board System
  • Organised
  • Saves space
  • Tools always within reach
For workshops or hobby rooms where tools are frequently accessed
Magnetic Strips
  • Tools organized and visible
  • Items within reach
  • Aesthetically pleasing
For tools with components made of iron, cobalt, or nickel
Tool Cabinet
  • Lots of storage space
  • Protects electronic devices from dust, moisture and more
  • Can be locked
For electrical devices, toxic substances, or particularly sharp tools

How to Store Screws and other Small Parts?

Screws, nuts, and other small parts can easily get lost if not stored properly. Therefore, it's best to use an assortment box with compartments to organize them neatly. Plastic storage boxes with transparent fronts are also helpful, and if you get a few of them in different colors, they can provide an easy colour-coordinated overview. Additionally, label the compartments or containers and keep similar types of screws separate.

How to Store Sharp Tools

Sharp tools such as saw blades or scissors should be locked away in a tool cabinet when they are not currently being used to prevent injuries. Also, the sharp edges of blades should not come into direct contact with other tools, the floor, or other surfaces, as they could become blunt or damage other objects. Therefore, it is a good idea to use protective covers or special storage containers to keep them safe and ready for use. A good alternative is to wrap the blades in cloth and place them in a plastic bag.

How to Prepare Tools for Storage

Before storing your tools, clean them thoroughly to remove dirt, oil, or other residue, and make sure the tools are completely dry to prevent rust. Remove existing rust spots or corroded areas with a wire brush. Then apply a thin layer of oil or wax to metal parts to protect them from oxidation.

Renting Storage Space at MyPlace – Enjoy the Benefits

Store tools, furniture, files, or other items in one of our self storage units and benefit from the many advantages at MyPlace:

  • Ideal conditions: Our secure storage rooms undergo regular temperature and humidity checks, preventing significant temperature fluctuations and moisture from damaging your items.
  • Flexible rental period: You can cancel the rental after a minimum period of two weeks or adapt it to your needs and rent larger or smaller units as needed.
  • Easy transport: You can park directly in front of our locations for free and comfortably transport your tools to the storage unit thanks to short, barrier-free transportation paths and convenient freight elevators.
  • Service and expertise: Our experienced team is available to assist you by phone, via email, or in person, supporting you with any inquiries about our various additional services, finding the right storage unit size, or proper storage methods.
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