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Storing Household Goods at MyPlace

A big move is coming up, but you can’t take everything with you straight away? Your apartment is being renovated, and furniture, appliances, and more need to go into temporary storage? You're moving in with your partner, downsizing to a smaller apartment, or temporarily going abroad? In all of these cases, you may need an interim storage where you can stow away your household goods until you have space for them again. MyPlace's Self Storage units are the ideal solution. At our locations, can choose from different unit sizes, adapt the contract to your needs after a minimum rental period of 2 weeks, rely on our excellent service, and take advantage of our helpful additional services.

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What Do We Mean by Household Goods?

Household goods encompass all the things that make up a household: furniture, appliances, furnishings, dishes, books, textiles, and more.

10 Tips for Storing Household Goods

With the following tips, storing your household items properly will be a breeze, and you can ensure that they will be in mint condition when you get them out of storage:

  1. Planning is key: Before storing your household goods, create a comprehensive inventory list. Note down all the items you want to store and use labeled boxes. Sorting the items by rooms (kitchen, living room, etc.) is especially helpful. If there are certain items that you may need to retrieve earlier than others, keep them together and place them in an easily accessible spot near the entrance of your storage unit. Depending on your storage needs, you can store a few appliances, small pieces of furniture, or boxes in our convenient compact boxes or opt for a larger storage unit. If you want to know in advance how much space you need for your items, you can use our storage space calculator.
  2. Use the right packing materials: Proper packaging is crucial when storing your household goods. Use sturdy boxes that are easy to stack and wrap delicate items like glassware or porcelain in newspaper or bubble wrap. Protect furniture with blankets or special furniture covers to prevent scratches and dust.
  3. Stacking for stability and extra space: To save space and make the most of the room, stack your boxes and furniture on top of each other. Place heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Ensure that the stacks are stable and cannot topple over.
  4. Be careful with electronic devices: Before storing electronic devices like TVs, computers, or hi-fi systems, remove all batteries and make sure they are properly turned off. It's best to use the original packaging or special packaging designed for transporting electronic devices.
  5. Properly store furniture: When storing furniture, thoroughly clean each piece before storing it. Protect armchairs, wooden tables, etc., from light, moisture, and extreme temperature fluctuations.
  6. Storing textiles: When it comes to textiles, moths, mold, and humidity can pose risks – prevent these issues by thoroughly washing, drying, and vacuum-sealing the textiles and storing them together with natural moth repellents like lavender. You can find more details on this in our guide on how to store clothing.
  7. Storing books: Books often have a special emotional value. It's essential to store them correctly, protecting them from moisture, sunlight, and oxidizing or bleaching substances like paper clips and acidic paper. You can learn how to properly store books on shelves, protect them from pests, and prevent deformations in our guide on storing books.
  8. Storing dishes: Before storing your dishes, clean them thoroughly and ensure they are completely dry. Use special dish boxes or crates that provide cushioning and dividers to protect each piece individually and keep them organized. Gently stack plates and cups in the boxes and use foam or paper padding between them to avoid friction and damage.
  9. Choose air-conditioned storage units: When selecting a storage unit, it's essential to consider climate control. At MyPlace, we offer air-conditioned storage units that ensure a constant temperature and humidity, protecting your household goods from extreme conditions like heat, cold, or high humidity.
  10. Benefit from additional services: At MyPlace, we not only offer secure storage units but also additional services to make storage easier. Our transportation service, for example, makes taking items to the warehouse of your choice and getting them back into your home a breeze. Our experienced staff is also available to answer questions and provide advice.

Storing Your Household Goods at MyPlace – Discover the Benefits

Our storage units are the perfect temporary new home for your household items. We have summarized the main benefits of renting a storage unit with us:

Controlled storage conditions: Our storage units are secure, clean, and equipped with temperature and humidity control. They provide the ideal conditions to store appliances, furniture, books, and clothing in the short or long term.

Flexible rental duration: After a minimum rental period of two weeks, you can adjust the storage duration to suit your needs and rent larger or smaller units as required.

Easy access and effortless transport: You can easily bring furniture to your chosen location using your private vehicle or public transportation, park on-site for free, and conveniently transport your belongings to the storage unit with short, barrier-free paths and practical freight elevators.

Expert advice: Our storage professionals are available for consultation over the phone, via email, or in person at our locations and will assist you with any concerns, be it regarding our numerous additional services, choosing the right size for your storage unit, or the correct storage methods.

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