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Renting Temporary Storage - The Quickest Way to More Space

Lack of space in your home or business can be a real challenge. If you're looking for a reliable solution, then temporary storage at MyPlace is the perfect choice. Get a flexible and secure storage space that you can rent for a specific period, with a minimum rental duration of two weeks!

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Why Rent Temporary Storage?

Whether you need to temporarily store your furniture, store unused sports equipment, or find a temporary home for your belongings during a move – a storage unit near you offers the extra space you need as well as maximum flexibility. Here are the top 6 benefits of renting a self storage unit at MyPlace:

  1. Additional Space: Renting temporary storage creates more space in your home or business. You can store seasonal items like winter and summer tires, furniture, documents, or other rarely used objects outside your home or office, reducing clutter.
  2. Maximum Security: Our storage units are equipped with modern security measures and video surveillance. You can rely on us to keep your belongings safe.
  3. Ideal Storage Conditions: We ensure that our storage units have the perfect temperature and humidity levels, to keep your items in pristine condition. You don't need to worry about mold, moths, and other hazards when storing with us.
  4. Flexible Rental Duration: At MyPlace, there's a minimum rental duration of two weeks for your temporary storage. From that point, you enjoy complete flexibility, being able to cancel your contract weekly and adapt it quickly and easily to changes in your life.
  5. Convenient Access: Our storage units are open daily from 06:00 to 22:00, and outdoor units are accessible 24 hours, with barrier-free access using freight elevators – ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal effort when storing. Of course, our numerous parking spaces are also available to you free of charge.
  6. Significant Savings: Renting a storage unit is more cost-effective than moving to a larger apartment or office due to space constraints. With our storage units, you only pay for the space you actually need and can adjust the rental duration flexibly.

Make the Most of Your Temporary Storage – Here's How

An additional storage unit offers a plethora of possibilities. Here are some ideas for how you can use your additional storage space:

  • Temporary Home for Seasonal Items: Store seasonal items like summer or winter clothing, Christmas decorations, or outdoor furniture in your temporary storage unit during the off-season.
  • Transitional Storage during Moves or Renovations: Leave your belongings with us while moving or during renovations to your home.
  • Extra Space for Your Business: Utilize your storage unit to securely and efficiently store documents, office furniture, or inventory.
  • Storage for Hobby and Sports Equipment: Store items like bicycles, skis, and more in a MyPlace storage unit to create more space in your home.
  • Warehouse for Online Sales: If you sell products online or run a small business, you can use the space as storage for your products and ensure a smooth shipping process.

What to Consider When Renting Temporary Storage?

Before renting temporary storage, there are important factors to consider. This brief checklist of questions can serve as a decision-making guide:

  • Location and Proximity: Is the storage unit easily and quickly accessible from your home? Can you access items you frequently need easily?
  • Storage Unit Size: Is there a correctly sized unit for your storage needs available ? Is the storage space large enough to accommodate your belongings without you having to pay for unused space?
  • Flexibility: Does the notice period and minimum rental duration align with your expectations?
  • Accessibility and Opening Hours: Is the storage unit accessible at times that are convenient for you? Are there units you can access around the clock, if needed?
  • Customer Service and Additional Services: Can you reach out to staff for assistance? Are additional services offered, such as transport and moving services, a storage space calculator, and more?

When you pay attention to these criteria, you can find the ideal temporary storage for your needs. At MyPlace, you'll find a wide range of storage units in various sizes that you can quickly and easily rent, cancel, and adapt to your needs.

If you have further questions about our offerings, we are happy to provide you with comprehensive answers by phone, email, or in-person at your desired location.

Conclusion – Renting Temporary Storage is Worth It!

Renting temporary storage helps you counteract lack of space in your personal or professional life. Goods, documents, sports equipment, and more take up less room in your home and can be temporarily stored out of the way during a move. MyPlace offers you a wide selection of clean and secure storage units near you. Additionally, we support you with a wide range of additional services.

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