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Business Units

Storage rooms for your company

Storage rooms for your company

Secure, clean and perfectly tempered storage units for files, goods & equipment

As business grows, space requirements increase. A storage unit provides relief and gives you the space you need to move your business forward.

Our self-storage units create space when...

your office is bursting at the seams

Even the largest office reaches its capacity at some point. With us you find space for things that you do not need every day, but might need again in the future.

your warehouse is overflowing

Your storage is full? A self-storage unit covers the additional space requirements and ensures safe, ideally climatized and light-protected storage.

paper mountains block your view

Retention obligations lead to mountains of files. A storage room provides safekeeping and more freedom of movement.

you lack equipment storage

Not all equipment is continuously in use. A storage unit creates space to store equipment and tools in a safe and clean environment.

you are preparing to move or renovate

If a workplace is (no longer) available, furniture etc. have to be stored temporarily. This phase is easily bridged with a storage room.

seasonal peaks are imminent

Do your storage needs fluctuate? With a storage room that can be rented flexibly, you can create space as needed – without exceeding your budget.

For dreams to come true, sometimes you have to move some things out of the way!

Storage rooms are more than just square meters for storage. They tell very personal stories. And they often help take that small step toward making a dream come true. Because whether at home or in the office, we all sometimes wish we had more space or a way to store our belongings easily and safely. With MyPlace-SelfStorage, free space can be created for many things - customized and individual.

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