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Rent parking spaces – a safe place for your vehicles

At MyPlace, you can rent spacious parking spots in various sizes at selected locations on a temporary or long-term basis from €41 for a 4-week rental period and keep your second cars, boats, trailers, caravans, campers, motorbikes and classic cars dry and safe. Thanks to comprehensive security measures and our own video surveillance system, you don't have to worry about the safety of your vehicles.

Why rent a parking space?

Why rent a space for your car, boat or motorhome at MyPlace? Here are 5 advantages we can offer you and your vehicles:

  1. Security: Our car parks are equipped with advanced security systems to guarantee that vehicles are protected from theft, vandalism and other damage. From 24h video surveillance to access controls and in-house security guards, we ensure that property is safe.
  2. Protection from the environment: Your vehicles are valuable investments that should be protected from the elements. Our parking spaces offer secure protection from extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold, humidity and hail.
  3. Extra space: It can often be difficult to find enough space at home for a second car, trailer or caravan. Renting a spacious parking spot from us gives you extra space and allows you to use your garage or driveway for other purposes.
  4. Convenient access: Our locations are conveniently situated and very well connected to the public transport system. This gives you easy and flexible access to your rented spot. The access is also via light, level paths. You can access your vehicle at any time and easily pick it up or park it.
  5. Flexibility: Our rental contracts are flexible and tailored to your needs. You can conclude your contract at any time and terminate it weekly. We offer you the freedom to adapt the storage solution to your individual requirements.

Rent a pitch at MyPlace - here's how it works

We have summarised the five simple steps to rent a parking space for your vehicles:

  1. Check on our website or by phone whether your desired location offers this service.
  2. Sign a rental contract for your parking space on site. The rental costs are €41 for a 4-week rental period (if you pay in advance for a year).
  3. Park your vehicle with us.
  4. Cancel or extend your contract flexibly.
  5. Enjoy a cheaper, safer and easily accessible parking space.

Rent one of our secure parking spaces today and enjoy the benefits of protected storage for your vehicles. If you have any questions about our offer or services, please feel free to contact us via our free hotline 0800 491 491 0, by email, via our live chat or come in person to one of our branches. Our experienced local staff will be happy to put together a rental offer tailored to your needs.

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