Are the contents of my unit insured?

MyPlace - SelfStorage undertakes to insure all stored contents for the customer. Just like in a rental apartment, the tenant also must insure the content of his or her storage unit, while the "homeowner" insures the building.

You can organize the required insurance cover for the contents of your storage unit with your own home contents insurance or use the insurance offered by MyPlace - SelfStorage (Storage unit insurance by the Donauversicherung).

This insurance costs 1.50 EUR per EUR 1,000 of the value of the goods for 4 weeks and insures the unit against fire, burglary, vandalism, water damages and natural disasters.

Our basic insurance covers stored items up to the value of 4,000 EUR. It costs EUR 6 for 4 weeks and offers comprehensive cover. If you think that the insured sum is not sufficient, you may increase it: For every additional EUR 1,000 insured sum, another 1.50 EUR in premium is added.